The Story Of The Fish

The Story Of The Fish


The Story Of The Fish
tells timeless brands through strategy,
design and communication.

„The Greatest Artist Of The Animal Kingdom.“​

Full immersion. To get to the bottom of matter. To have a clear plan. To work continuously. To convince with attractive creation. And to not see oneself more important than the creation. – This fish can do anything to form brands into timeless classics despite of digital, uncertain times.

– Thank you, David Attenborough!

The fish

Only who remains, keeps up with the times.

Progress is no end in itself. It is the result of the right attitude and the claim to always fulfil so. And that’s how we create timeless brands.

The fugu

You do not eat Fugu, where you can watch the best show. You eat it where the best chef is.

There is nothing about a good show. But do you really want to risk your life for that? For Fugu only the chef’ skill counts. That’s a good rule to survive for brands and budget.

The contact

The Story Of The Fish

Founded with the deepest conviction that the world needs no further advertising agency, we ask ourselves every day how we can be better. Look forward to doing this for you as well.

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